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Who Really has Job Security?

Keeping secrets so your boss will want to keep you won't win favors with your boss; showing others how to do their job better will win favors with you boss. Who do you think has better job security with the boss?

Sometimes, a technician will keep serice tricks and techniques secret to make sure they will be the one in the company called to service the system.
Keeping service tricks and techniques secret to make sure they are the ones who will be called, some service technicians make the mistake of thinking that is a way of keeping the job secure.

By Douglas Krantz

If you guard secrets to keep job security, you'll lose it. If you give away secrets to give away job security, you can't get rid of it.

Some people try to make sure they are the ones that will be called out because they are the only ones that can fix particular equipment. What they do to solve problems, they try to keep secret.

This type of job security is really transient. When the generation of equipment is changed, when someone is hired in the company that can also fix the equipment, when the owners change vendors, this kind of job security is lost.

The thing is no job is really secure, in the background something can always place even the best troubleshooter in the unemployment line.

Job security that is hard to get rid of is different.

Sharing with others in the company how things are fixed, in other words giving away job security, is seen by the company managers. Even though you as a troubleshooter sometimes take longer, the managers see that the company is improved, through your sharing. They know that when you come back from the troubleshoot, the rest of the company benefits. Later, when there are more problems, you'll still be the one asked to troubleshoot.

Yes, there is some chance you might lose your job because of some unforeseen event. However, even though you've given away secrets, you still have better job security, and this job security will be transferred to new employers.
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