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Can the Alarm Relay Contacts Be Used For Elevevator Capture?

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I wrote to you to ask about the relay contacts of a Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel. Can we use these contacts to shut down the elevator in case of fire?

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Usually those contacts activate with any alarm. To keep the elevator from being captured when a smoke detector in any part of the building goes into alarm, the smoke detectors in the elevator lobbies have to be wired to the elevator using relay bases on the smoke detectors.

Another person to ask about this is the elevator inspector. The elevator inspector will be able to tell you what each smoke detector should do about capturing the elevator, and the inspector will also be able to tell you if the detectors are supposed to be alarm sounding detectors or supervisory detectors. (Supervisory Detectors are really alarm detectors, but they show a yellow light on the panel and don't sound the horns and strobes in the building.)

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