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Smart And Secure: Simple Yet Effective Fire Safety Rules Regarding Window Safety

Windows at home become very important durin a fire

By Cassandra Small

An average of 353,100 residential fires occur each year in the US, according to the National Fire Protection Association. As such, it is crucial that homeowners take appropriate measures to ensure fire safety within their homes. Thankfully, there are simple yet effective window safety rules to protect the house and keep loved ones safe. So what rules are these?

Review Fire Escape Route Feasibility

A startling 75% of US homes do not have a fire escape, according to A good fire safety protocol to adopt is to review the feasibility of fire escape routes in one's home. Windows play a crucial part in this, so it's a good idea to ensure that windows are in good condition and aren't blocked by air conditioning units or bars. Windows that are designated as fire escape routes must open outward without any difficulty, so that fleeing from a fire can be done in a swift and unencumbered manner. Therefore, homeowners should make it a regular form of habit to oil window hinges and test them to ensure that they can be opened quickly. It also helps to have children open them under supervision so that parents can be assured that their kids have the ample strength to flee through windows in the event of a fire.

Plan Ample Ventilation In Homes

Electrical fires occur frequently in the US, according to the US Fire Administration. They go on to say that these fires happen as electrical components overheat due to lack of ample ventilation. As such, homeowners need to ensure that there is enough ventilation in different parts of their homes. While they may install ventilation fans, these may spike energy bills. This is where windows come in. A good habit to pick up is opening windows when heavy electrical units and appliances are being used. Window ventilation is also crucial in homes that have fireplaces. This ensures that a natural draft can come in and cool down electrical components, and even help drop the temperature of a room that is in use.

Use Stickers To Inform Firefighters

In the event of a fire, windows can play a key role in informing firefighters of how many people are in a home. Homeowners can employ window stickers to help firefighters identify who may be inside the home and will be in need of rescue. A simple cartoon figure can give firefighters swift information on who they should prioritize when they enter through a room's window. Such stickers can also be used to help inform firefighters about the presence of pets within the home so they may be rescued as well. Stickers are unassuming and inexpensive, and are best employed in windows on the 2nd floor and upwards.

Making sure that one's home has ample window safety - regardless of the weather or time of year - is part and parcel of being a responsible homeowner. While certain methods may come with an initial cost, not having the proper measures in place may have homeowners paying with something far more priceless like the lives and security of loved ones. For this reason, it's always smart to schedule regular checkups on windows around one's property to ensure that they are doing their part in keeping everyone safe in the event of a fire.

Cassandra Small is a writer in the United Kingdom
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