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Why Does the Alarm Keep Sounding?

By Douglas Krantz | Maintenance

Why Does the Alarm Keep Sounding?

Why Does the Alarm Keep Sounding?

Greetings Douglas,

I would like to know why the alarm keep going off in the sprinkler room.

Thank You, VT

Do the alarms come from a red box on the wall? Do the alarms keep sounding off every 24 hours?

I can take a guess. The alarms are saying, "There's a problem that needs fixing so the fire alarm system can keep working." It can be silenced, but in 24 hours, if the problem isn't fixed, the alarms will sound again - just to remind you to get the problem fixed.

The problem could be a Carbon Monoxide detector is actually detecting carbon monoxide (CO), or there's some other problem with the CO system.

However, a more common problem could be that the fire alarm communicator is having problems that prevent it from calling the fire monitoring company if there's a fire. Every 24 hours, it checks to make sure the whole communication system is working. If it can't send out alarms, it will turn on its local sounder to get your attention.

The solution is to call your fire alarm service company, the ones that test the fire alarm system every year, and have them check it out. Thy can fix the problem, or at least let you know what you need to do.

Douglas Krantz

Mr. Krantz

Thank you, your absolutely correct , and I'll have them come out to check it out asap .

Thank You, VT
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