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Can I Relocate a Strobe Without Reprogramming?

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Mr. Krantz

Hi. Do the technicians have to reprogram the fire alarm system after relocating devices just a few inches from their original position? In this case two strobes are being relocated. One is moved to an adjacent wall and the other one is moved about 2 feet away.

Thanks in Advance, J

If devices aren't moved to other circuits, if the room descriptions are not changed, if the wires land on the devices in the same place as they did before, for the panel there is nothing to change in the programming.

I assume that the strobes are tested by using input devices to put the panel into alarm to see what happens - make sure the strobes light during an alarm. If the whole system works as it is supposed to, and the panel doesn't show any trouble, no programming is needed.

Douglas Krantz
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