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Is There Any Reference to Label Font Size?

The fire marshal or other AHJ may want something specific. Mostly, though, make sure the labels can be read and understood by those who have read it fast, like volunteer firefighters.

Is There Any Reference to Label Font Size?

Mr. Krantz

Is there any clear info on the marking as to Font size? As for is there a better description for a red marking, one that is uniform with code?

Thanks for any help. Thanks for you continued writings. The location of the branch circuit disconnecting means shall be permanently identified at the control unit. System circuit disconnecting means shall be permanently identified as to its purpose in accordance with the following:
(1) "FIRE ALARM" for fire alarm systems
(2) "EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS" for emergency communications systems
(3) "FIRE ALARM/ECS" for combination fire alarm and emergency communications systems For fire alarm and/or signaling systems, the circuit disconnecting means shall have a red marking. The red marking shall not damage the overcurrent protective devices or obscure the manufacturer's markings.

Thank you.


Mostly, the Code is there to enforce the use of common sense.

I'm not sure there is anything else in the code except an unwritten command that says "Make Sure the Labels Can Be Read and Understood by Normal People Under Normal Circumstances".

Douglas Krantz
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