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How do I Network Six Panels Together?

This is a question for the manufacturers of the panels. The panels have to be designed by the manufacturer to be networked. If they were never designed to work together originally, they can't be made to work together. Talk to the manufacturer, they'll tell you what works and what doesn't.

How do I Network Six Panels Together?

Greetings Douglas,

I have 6 conventional Zeta Fire Panels. I want to make all network together for monitoring from one panel.

Thank you, S S

Networking Panels

If these panels are already purchased or in place, talk to technical support for the manufacturer (Zeta) of the panels to find out what they recommend for networking the panels. They might have a networking solution that will work, but be prepared to be told that it can't be done with the panels that are there.

If these panels are going to be new, talk to the sales department of the manufacturer (Zeta or another manufacturer) to get ideas as to what to do.

Before calling, make sure you have exact manufacturer name and model for each panel, and also for the smoke detectors. Everything has to be compatible, or the system might not be reliable in case of a fire.

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