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How do I Connect an FM200 System to the Fire Alarm System?

How do I Connect an FM200 System to the Fire Alarm System?

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Question: How do I Connect an FM200 System to the Fire Alarm System?

The module for an Fm200 system can be interfaced with MCP (Manual Call Point or Pull Station) instead of smoke detector. All I'm given is an addressable SIGA-278 MCP that goes with the Edwards (EST) fire alarm system.

Thank you, N D

I need to know, is the FM200 system a Stand-Alone Fire Alarm System?

To be a stand-alone system, the releasing of the FM200 gas (it's called a Dry-Chemical because the gas is not wet like water) is controlled by a separate control panel, and not the EST system at all. In other words, to be Stand-Alone, the FM200 release system has its own smoke or heat detection system and does not depend on any signal being sent from the EST system.

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Further Question

Mr. Krantz

It is all about when the FM200 system is activated, whether it is fire or fault. The FM200 system is Double Knock System (Cross Zoned System). It has two detectors that must be go into alarm to start the releasing sequence. If one detector goes into alarm, the FM200 system will be pre alarm only. The FM200 system is stand-alone. There is only the requirement to interface the fire alarm system with the FM200 system.

Thank you, N D

It looks like you have two totally separate fire alarm systems: the EST system and the FM200 system. Each one has its own detection system, horns and strobes, and actions that they take when they have an alarm.

The EST system doesn't tell the FM200 system to do anything; when there's an alarm on the EST system, the FM200 system doesn't do anything or display anything at all. However, the FM200 system tells the EST system to do things. When there's a red-light alarm on the FM200 system, the EST system goes into a red-light alarm; when there's a yellow-light trouble (fault) on the FM200 system, the EST system goes into a yellow-light supervisory alarm.

The SIGA-CT2 module is a dual input module. One input should be programmed as an alarm input to the EST and one input should be programmed as a supervisory input (like a tamper on the sprinkler system).

The wiring for the inputs is like a waterflow switch and a sprinkler tamper switch and is shown on the installation sheet that comes with the module.

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