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Is There a Procedure to Install EST Detectors?

When installing any addressable device on a fire alarm system, its address has to be programmed into the panel.

Hi Douglas,

I have an EST3 fire alarm system. Is there any procedure to install heat detectors and multi-sensor detectors? After fixing how many smoke detectors, can we install heat detectors or multi-sensor detectors?

Thank you, N C

Fire alarm systems are Detect and Warn systems. If the detectors on any type of fire alarm system are changed, the NFPA wants the changes to be made by someone authorized to do so.

Programmed into the control panel, all addressable fire alarm systems also have device type and the location of each detector and output device in the building. This way, to find the fire, the firefighters will know where to go.

EST uses 10-digit serial numbers to keep track of both the device type and location for each detector and output device. The 10-digit serial numbers are with the barcode on the detector. Other companies use DIP switches or thumbwheel switches, automatic or semi-automatic addressing of the detectors, or require a fire alarm dealer to address the smoke detector.

Programming Required

The panel is programmed to know exactly what is going on with the wiring and devices.
  • If a device type is changed, say from a SIGA-PS (photo smoke detector) to a SIGA-IPHS (ionization / photo / heat detector), the panel will know and show a trouble. Then the program for the panel has to be corrected and re-downloaded.
  • If two devices are reversed with each other, the panel will know and show a map fault (trouble). Then the program for the panel has to be corrected and re-downloaded.
  • If the wiring is changed, the panel will know and show a trouble. Then the program for the panel has to be corrected and re-downloaded.

When the panel is showing a trouble with any device, scroll to that device on the display using the trouble up/down arrows, and press the "details" button. That will show a little bit more about the trouble.

Device Type Change

It looks like you have changed the type of devices that you are using. This will show up as "Bad Type" when looking at the details on the display. To correct this, reprogramming is required using a laptop computer.

Map Fault

If the panel is showing a "Map Fault" trouble, the panel doesn't know what you did. The panel needs reprogramming.

Be Prepared

Now, before getting someone in there with a laptop computer that can be used to reprogram the EST3, you have to be prepared.

You need to get that 10-digit serial number off every detector you changed, and then make a worksheet.

On the worksheet, you have to show the 10-digit serial number, and the exact location of the detector. That is so the information can be programmed into the EST3.

An example of how to make the work sheet:

    Barcode and Location
  • 1234567890 Smoke Detector 3rd Floor by Janitor Closet
  • 2345678901 Smoke Detector 4th Floor by Office 410
  • 3456789012 Smoke Detector ...

The programmer needs this information in order to program the EST3. To save a lot of time getting the information after the programmer gets there, you should have this information before the programmer comes.

Keep in mind that every smoke detector, multi-sensor, heat detector, input module, or output module that you have done anything with will have to be shown on this work sheet. No exceptions.

Finding the Programmer

To find the company that can do this programming, you will have to do your homework.

It's the original program, or the updated program for the EST3 in the building you're working on that's required. The company that installed the system has the original program, and possibly any updated program.

If you can find out the name of the company that installed the system, talk to them. Either they have the program, or they will be able to tell you the name of the company they gave it to.

If you don't know who installed the system, talk to the EST Technical Support People. They might be able to start you on your journey finding the original programmer. Let the technical support people know who you are, what company you're with, what specific building or project you're working on, and what country you're from. After talking to EST Technical Support, expect to make several more phone calls.

Douglas Krantz
Mr. Krantz

Thank you for the information.

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