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Can I Make an Earth Fault Disappear?

Earth Fault or Ground Fault showing on the fire alarm panel is a warning. If the fault isn't fixed, another Earth Fault or Ground Fault will cause lots of problems. Fix the Earth Fault, don't just make the indicator go normal.

Can I Make an Earth Fault Disappear?

Greetings Douglas,

If dip switch is disabled in the fire alarm control panel, can it make a fault disappear, such as an earth fault?

Thank you, M B

An "Earth Fault" or "Ground Fault" light is a warning light on the fire alarm system saying "Somewhere in the building, electricity is leaking to the earth (ground)". The Earth Fault usually isn't in the box-on-the-wall called the fire alarm panel; the Earth Fault is usually on a wire connected to the fire alarm control panel.

Making a fault light disappear is like going around a "Road Closed" barrier, and then driving as fast as you can. You never know what is going to happen, but whatever happens is bad.

Do Not Disable a Fault Light or Cause It to Disappear.

This is a fire alarm system troubleshooting issue; you have to fix the fault, not turn off the warning light.

If you're not familiar with troubleshooting, get help.

Douglas Krantz
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