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What Does DC TOO LOW 2 Mean?

On a fire alarm panel, that voltage is too low on something. To find out more, contact Technical Support for the manufacturer. When you talk to them, have the exact model of the fire alarm panel, and also have the exact message that appears on the screen, including all numbers.

What Does DC TOO LOW 2 Mean?

What Does DC TOO LOW 2 Mean?

Greetings Douglas,

What is the possible cause of "DC too low 2" in a Gent Addressable panel?

Thank you, K

That's a question that is better asked of the technical support people at GENT. They can help you with all the messages on the screen, and with many other troubles with that exact panel.

Before talking to them, though, make sure you have the exact model number of the fire alarm panel you are working on. They make a lot of models of fire alarm panel, they're all different. They'll want to know which one you're working on.

Also, make sure you also write down the exact message on the screen of the fire alarm system. All numbers and letters on the screen may help them to know how to answer you. The exact words and numbers on the screen will lead them closer to what is causing the problems. The number 2 on the screen will mean something to them. Other words and numbers will help them diagnose the issue, at least to some extent.

When talking to technical support, making sure you have all the information before calling them can easily save lots of time.

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