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How do I Connect this 3-Wire Smoke Alarm?

By Douglas Krantz | Residential

How do I Connect this 3-Wire Smoke Alarm?

How do I Connect this 3-Wire Smoke Alarm?

Greetings Douglas,

How would I wire a 3-wire connector smoke alarm to the 2 low voltage cables in the ceiling, each one with 4 conductors?

Thank You, LT

It appears that you have a security system. The existing wiring looks like it connects a security system smoke detector to the security system. A security system uses low voltage DC (Direct Current), like what comes from a battery. The smoke detector for the security system usually does not have a sounder; it only alerts the security system of smoke.

Once the security system is alerted by the smoke detector, the security system sounds the alarm.

Unlike a smoke detector for a security system, the smoke alarm you have is a stand-alone smoke alarm. It uses 120 volts AC, like what powers your lights and outlets. It also has a sounder to alert you of the presence of smoke. The 120-volt smoke alarm uses its own sounder to sound the alarm.

Won't Work

The new smoke alarm won't work at all with the security system.

Not all smoke detectors will work with the security system in your home. One option you have is to contact the technical support team for the security system's manufacturer. They can help you obtain a correct smoke detector. Explicitly follow the directions that come with the detector.

Another option is to call for service. To find a qualified company that can service your security system, check with technical support and ask them for recommendations.

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