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Home Waterflow Switch - How is it Reset?

I have a question about something


Hi Douglas,

I got your email address from your website. Your website is so helpful and full of technical knowledge. I like it.

I have a question about my home fire alarm reset.

Three days ago, my husband wanted to adjust the water power. He mis-turned the waterflow switch, and then, the fire alarm was beeping for a long time. We did not know how to stop it. He called 911, the firefighters came to my house. They broke the electric line to stop the beeping. However, they checked all of my house and could not find a way to reset it.

We tried to search on line to get some relevant information, this is why I found you.

Do you know how to reset it?

Thank you, H B

Yes, the red box on the pipe is a waterflow switch. It detects water flowing to the house fire sprinkler system. Normally, when water is flowing to put out a fire, what it does is turn on the bell. The sound of the bell may be your only warning of a fire.

You do want it fixed by a professional fire sprinkler system company (not a lawn sprinkler company) because somehow water is flowing and needs to be stopped, or the switch is broken an wont' tell you about anything if there is a fire.

Douglas Krantz
Mr. Krantz

Thanks! We will contact to the fire sprinkler company for the repair.

Best regards! H B
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