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Do we Need Horns and Strobes in Restrooms?

By Douglas Krantz | Life-Safety

Restrooms are rooms.

Strobes: If strobes are required in areas that are normally occupied, then, because a restroom can be normally occupied, strobes are required in restrooms.

Horns: The NFPA isn't quite requiring the horn to be in direct line of site, rather the NFPA is saying that the sound of the alarm has to be 65 dBA, or 15 dB above ambient sound level.

If, under normal circumstances, the sound of the alarm outside the restroom is loud enough that the sound of the alarm inside the restroom meets the 65 dBA, or 15 dB above ambient requirement, then an extra horn is not required in the restroom.

If the sound of the alarm inside the restroom is too quiet, then an extra horn inside the restroom is required.

Voice Evacuation: Speakers used for voice evacuation are a little different. With voice evacuation, people have to understand the voice that they hear. If the voice from the speaker is muffled by a door, or winds up going around a lot of corners, many people won't understand what is being said. To provide clearly understandable sound inside the restroom, a speaker is required in a restroom.
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