Douglas Krantz - Technical Writer - Describing How It Works
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Diagram of the Basic Fire Alarm System

Free PDF Diagram:

Basic Fire Alarm System

Want to show your customers how the basic Fire Alarm System works?

Need to know how the alarm system interacts with the fire department?

Do you know what to do when the alarm sounds?

Mounted next to the fire alarm panel, this one page diagram is a must have for caretakers, management, building engineers, and anyone else authorized and required to operate the fire alarm panel

The Diagram Shows:
  • The basic buttons on the fire alarm panel, and what they do
  • What to do once the building fire alarms sound
  • The devices that alert the fire system to a fire
  • The devices that the fire panel activate when a fire is detected
  • How the fire panel notifies the monitoring company, and through them notifies the fire department