Douglas Krantz - Technical Writer - Describing How It Works
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Douglas Krantz -- Fire Alarm Engineering Technician, Electronic Designer, Electronic Technician, Writer


Chapter Headings

  • SLC Descriptions
  • The SLC and Conventional Circuitry
  • Conventional vs Addressable
  • Polling is Device Supervision
  • Voltage Readings on the SLC
  • Addressing
  • Power Supply
  • For Troubleshooting, What is an SLC?
  • Classification - Class A, Class B, and Class X
  • Basic SLC Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting the SLC
  • Initial Test for a Bad Panel, a Shorted SLC, or an Open Wire
  • Open Fault
  • Missing Device / Device Fault
  • Finding an Open Fault on the SLC
  • Short Fault
  • Miscellaneous Faults
  • Miscellaneous Devices and Circuits
  • Addressable Input Modules
  • Addressable Input Devices
  • Addressable Modules and Devices
  • Addressable Smoke Detector Bases
  • Supervised Power Distribution System
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